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Wide Calf Rain Boots

If you have a wider calf fitting, finding a comfortable pair of rain boots can be a frustrating exercise. Here is a selection of the cutest rain boots for larger calves.



Black Plus Size.

Spy love buy wide calf rain boots

The average boot is designed for calves of around 15 inches. Many women need a more generous fit to be comfortable. This boot is available in 17, 18 and 19 inch fittings.



Green Plus Sized.

Green Spy love buy wide calf rain bootsHigh quality but affordable large fit green rain boots. Fits up to 19 inch calves.



Pink Large Calf.

pink wide width rain bootsHot pink wide fitting waterproof boots.





Short Wide Sized.

Short floral wide rain bootsShort style plus size wellies with floral print from Spy Love Buy.



Floral Print Wide.

magan large calf wellingtons

Large fitting floral design wellington boots.



Short Leopard Print Wide.

magan large calf wellingtons

Short fitting large calf rain boots in leopard print.



Wide sized Leopard Print.

leopard wide calf welliesPlus calf leopard rainboots.



Navy Blue Large fit.

navy wide calved rain bootsExtra Wide fitting rain boots suitable for calves up to 19 inches.





Chooka Plus Sized

Chooka Top Solid Black.

Black-Chooka-top-solid-rain-bootThe Chooka Top Solid is one of the best loved rain boots around. With the two adjustable straps and gusset they can be set for the perfect fit. The average boot has a calf size of 14 to 15 inches, these boots are suitable for calves 16 to 17 inches.



Chooka Top Solid Yellow.


Canary yellow Chooka waterproofs with cute adjustable side straps for the perfect fit.






Chooka Top Solid Navy.

blue-chooka-top-solid-rain-bootsNavy blue Chooka Top Siders. Sturdy and durable rain boots that look great.



Chooka Top Solid Merlot.

merlot-colored-chooka-rain-bootsPretty merlot colored Chooka boots. Perfect for wider calves.



Chooka Top Solid Purple.

purple-chooka-rain-bootsDark purple Chooka Top Siders.




Chooka Classic Dot.

chooka-black-polka-dot-rain-bootsCute polka dot Wellies with single adjustable side buckle for a perfect fit.

Chooka Classic Dot Red.

red-polka-dot-rain-bootsBright red dotted boots. Adjustable for wider leg sizes.



Chooka Classic Dot Purple.


Pretty purple waterproofs with single adjustable side strap.

Chook Dapper Dot.

chooka-multi-colored-polka-dot-rain-bootsColorful and fun dot print rain boots.

Chooka Top Sider Mid Glossy.

short-Chooka-glass-rain-bootsThe Glossy version of the Top Solid mid sized rain boot. Perfect boot for plus sized calves.




Chooka Top Sider Mid Matt.

Chooka-top-sider-mid-calf-bootMatt finish mid calf Chooka Top Sider.





 Jileon Extra Large Calf

Polka Dot 20 inch Jileon Extra Wide.


First up are these Jileon extra wide polka dot wellies that are designed to fit calves up to 20 inches. These boots feature special double gusset for extra comfort and re-enforced rubber for extra support.



Jileon Floral 20 inch Extra Width.

Floral-extra-wide-rain-bootsBlack with floral upper. These boots are extra large fitting. Suitable for calves up to 20 Inches.



Extra wide black rain bootsExtra wide fitting. Adjustable up to 20 Inches.



Plum Colored Jileon Wide.


These  come in a lovely deep pink color with cute ankle straps and a cozy comfy fleece lining making them ideal for those cold winter days.Fits up to 18 inch calves.





Midnight Blue Extra Wide.

jileon-extra-wide-calf-rain-bootsPretty Wellingtons  from Jileon that are perfect for women with wider calves.

High quality durable midnight blue rubber boots. Suitable for calves up to 20 inches.



Blue Jileon Wide Calf Rain boots.


Midnight blue wide fitting waterproof boots.

Fits up to a 18 inch calves.



Jileon 21 inch Large Calf Red Polka Dots.

Red-spotted-jileon-rain-bootsDelightful red polka dot boots that are adjustable up to 21 inches




Jileon Half Hight

Jileon-Half-Hight-Large-calf-rain-bootsGorgeous English style riding boot with quilted upper section. The super soft fleece lining adds the luxurious finishing touch to this beauty. The corset lacing at the back makes these suitable for any calf size.



Jileon Extra Wide Calf RainBoots.

Green-spotted-wide-rainbootsExtra Wide fitting rain boots suitable for calves up to 20 inches.

Jileon specialize in foot wear for Women with larger calves.







Onlineshoe Women’s Wide Width Rain Boots

Black Gloss 17 inch wide.

Wide width rain boots made by onlineshoe

Black glossy Wide width rain boots from onlineshoe. Similar look and feel to the classic Hunter Huntress at less than half the price. Suitable for 17 inch calves.



Hot pink adjustable width.

hot pink 17 inch


These bright pink wellies feature adjustable gusset to fit calves up to 17 inches.



Leopard skin print adjustable width.

leopard wide size rain boots


Striking leopard print big calf adjustable gusset wellingtons.



Flower graphic.

flower print wide rainboots

Pretty flower boots with v shaped adjustable gusset. Suitable for calves of width 17 inches.





Pink floral 17 inch wellingtons.



Cute pink floral wellingtons suitable for up to 17 inch calves.





How To Choose a Pair of Wide Calf Rain Boots

Rain boots are available in a huge range of styles. There are designs suitable for pairing with casual, work or evening wear at prices to suit any budget. This is all great news for women looking to add a cute pair of rain boots to their wardrobe. However, plus size or athletically built women have a real challenge finding suitable designs that adequately fit around the calf area since most boots are made with only a 14 or 15 inch width.

Five tips for selecting the correct rain boots

  1. Make sure you know your own calf size (see below)
  2. Browse online. Most manufacturers publish the dimensions of their footwear.
  3. Take into account you own height. If you are petite, you need to bear in mind that your calf will sit lower in the boot shaft. This means that boots will generally fit tighter so you need to add about an inch to your calf fitting size. Likewise if you are tall, your calves will sit in the wider part of the boot giving you a bit more wiggle room.
  4. Consider the length of the boots. Rain boots come in ankle, mid-calf, knee high and over the knee options. Ankle style is a great option, especially lace ups and elasticated slip-ons as they fit most sizes. knee high and over the knee can be great options for creating a slimmer longer look. The mid-calf style can be the most difficult to wear as they can highlight the widest part of the leg.
  5. Look at different designs. Adjustable straps, buckles and laces can give the necessary flexibility for the perfect fit.

Tip – If you are buying online, search for the phrase “wide calf rain boots” as some manufactures and retailers are beginning to cater specially for women with rounder calves.


Measuring Your Calf Size

measuring-calf-sizeThis is a very easy process. Simply wrap a flexible tape measure around the widest part of your calves and record the measurement. This is your calf size.

If you are a petite woman you should add an inch to this reading as you need to be mindful of the fact that your legs will sit lower in the narrower  part of the boot shaft.

Tip – Measure both your calves as each leg may be different and record the largest measurement.

  • If you measure 15 inches or less  – You should have no trouble finding boots to fit comfortably.
  • If you measure 16 inches – 18 inches – You should be shopping for Wide Calf.
  • If you measure 18 inches or above you will be looking for Extra wide.


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